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Meet our Family

Food trucks ae our life an we loving sharing our gourmet burgers with Phoenix.. The name Phat means prosperity, thriving, and happy family in Vietnamese.

How we Started the food truck life.

Our Food Truck life started during the tumultuous days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Amidst uncertainty and economic downturn, four family members found themselves drawn together by a shared dream and a love for good food. Dan, Chi, Tristan, and Jane came from different walks of life, each carrying their own hopes and challenges. However, fate brought them together to embark on a culinary adventure that would change their lives forever.

Looking for a better life

Trestin had grown up in Vietnam, the son of a single mother who worked very hard to provide for her son. Consequently, Trestin learned to speak English by watching cartoons such as Tom and Jerry and The Looney Tunes. Notably, Trestin is an honor student who graduated from Paradise Valley High School at the top of his class and received a scholarship to attend Arizona State University – Poly Tech in Chandler, Arizona. Eventually, Tristan graduated with his bachelor’s degree in aviation management and is starting medical school at Idaho School of Osteopathic Medicine in July of 2024. Today, Trestin oversees the accounting department and is the go-to person for billing and payable questions.

Chi immigrated to the United States from Vietnam 14 years ago with her son Trestin. She brings with her a rich culinary heritage and a passion for sharing the flavors of her homeland with her new community. Chi’s skills in the kitchen are matched only by Dan’s business acumen and determination to succeed in the gourmet food truck industry.

Now a family of four

Similarly, Jane is a seasoned entrepreneur who had weathered previous economic storms. Her experience in business management and marketing makes her a natural leader in the food truck life, and she sees potential where others see challenges.

It was during lockdowns and social distancing measures that the idea took root. With restaurants closing or struggling to survive, food trucks were emerging as a resilient option to bring gourmet burgers directly to customers in a safe and socially distant manner. Inspired by this opportunity, Dan, Chi, Trestin, and Jane pooled their talents and resources to launch their own gourmet burger food truck.

They called it “Phat Cheeks Grill,” a name that honored their diverse backgrounds and means “Happy and Prosperous Family” in the Vietnamese language. A fusion of flavors is brought to each burger. Dan crafted the menu with his unique blend of American and international influences, incorporating Chi and Tristan’s Vietnamese spices and Jane’s knack for creating mouthwatering combinations.

However, their journey was not without challenges. Securing permits, finding a reliable truck, and navigating health regulations during a pandemic tested their resilience. Yet, fueled by their passion and determination, they overcame each obstacle together, supporting one another through late-night cooking sessions and brainstorming meetings over ice-cold cups of Vietnamese coffee.

As word spread through their community, Phat Cheeks quickly became a local sensation. Their signature dishes like the “Pho-nominal Burger” with beef infused with traditional Vietnamese pho spices and the “Western Burger” featuring locally sourced ingredients became fan favorites. Each bite told a story of heritage, perseverance, and the vibrant flavors of their collective journeys.

Hard earned Success

Beyond the success and the accolades, Phat Cheeks has become more than just a business venture. It became a symbol of family unity and resilience during challenging times. Dan found purpose in mentoring young members of the community who joined their team. Chi and Tristan proudly shared their culture through food, fostering connections with customers who had never experienced Vietnamese cuisine before. Meanwhile, Jane, with her steadfast determination, ensured that Phat Cheeks Grill not only survived but thrived, becoming a beacon of hope in their community.

Ready to serve

Together, Dan, Chi, Tristan, and Jane proved that from adversity can emerge opportunity, and from different backgrounds can bloom family and success. As they navigated the ups and downs of entrepreneurship during a global pandemic, they forged a bond that transcended business—they became a family united by their passion for gourmet burgers and their belief in the American dream.

And so, against the backdrop of challenging years, Phat Cheeks Grill has continued to serve the community, one delicious gourmet burger at a time, reminding everyone who tasted their creations that with courage, collaboration, and a dash of creativity, anything is possible.